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Here is where I’ll post any free or paid in-person or online workshops I am hosting.




Below are some successful in-person/online workshops we ran. If these are topics that interest you, leave a comment below and I’ll see if I can repeat them online. Feel free to suggest or recommend any other topics you’d like me to cover.

What curriculum/academic/teaching areas do you want to improve in?


Workshop: The Importance of Spirituality for the Muslim Homeschooler & Tips on Developing It!

This was an online workshop about developing spirituality and strengthening your connection with Allah. As parents and educators we’re always worried about our children’s Islamic identity, but we rarely make time to develop and strengthen our own.

This interactive workshop will inspire you and leave you with a clear action plan to becoming the spiritual teacher your children really need!

I missed this workshop. Is there a replay?

Yes there is!! Read the post, download the workshop funsheet and watch the replay here.


Online PD Summit for Moms/Homeschoolers

Theme: Staying Productive & Organized During Isolation

Where: Zoom

Program Details
1. Introduction – Sr. Zahra
2. Productivity Hacks to Make You More Efficient – Sr. Zahra
3. Homeschooling Mndfully to Beat Stress & Overwhelm – Sr. Rafia
4. Accepting Change & Learning to Adjust/adapt Accordingly – Sr. Haneesa
5. Using Reward Systems to Keep Children Motivated – Sr. Roha
6. Surviving the Eman Dip and Boosting Your Emaan – Sr. Aisha

P.S. LIVE session only. There will be NO recording available post-summit.


How to Teach Children to Read with an Islamic Lens by Zahra Osman

This workshop gives an introduction to the goal of the reading curriculum, while breaking down approximately 30 reading strategies and skills and their value in understanding text. Participants also learn strategies and prompts to use before, during, and after reading to promote Islamic critical thinking to train students to get into the habit of reading from an Islamic lens.

Mini sessions:

a. Teaching 3-6yr olds how to read by Umm Ammatullah Roha

b. Macrame project by Ruhi

Free Bring a notebook and pen, positive energy, and some knowledge to share during mingle time!!

>>>NOTE: This is an in-person workshop for homeschoolers/moms/teachers who live in and around Doha, Qatar. <<<


How to Teach Paragraph Writing

Objectives: Training session on how to teach paragraph writing. By the end of the workshop, participants have a comprehensive understanding about the components of a paragraph, types of paragraphs, and steps of the writing process, as well as how to teach them.


The Muslim Teacher Mindset – Owning your role in the bigger picture

Overall objective:  To regain confidence and purpose in your role in the ummah as a Muslim teacher, with an action plan to move forward.

By the end of this workshop participants will:

  • Appreciate the status and virtue of being a teacher and how you play a crucial role in the success of this ummah
  • Envision who and what the ideal Muslim youth is
  • Characterize what an Ideal Muslim teacher is to you
  • Reflect on your strengths and potential, and learn to celebrate your accomplishments
  • Set goals for the coming year and devise a plan to achieve them.


How to Design an Effective, Islamically Integrated Lesson Plan

Overall objective: By the end of the workshop, you should be able to design your own lesson plan for a topic of your choice.

You will learn:

  • How to plan & write clear objectives for a lesson
  • What 5 steps to include in a lesson for optimal learning
  • Some ideas for end of lesson assessment  
  • How to integrate Islam into the lesson regardless of topic


Beyond the Classroom

Main Idea of talk: To help educators appreciate their role as nurturers and not mere teachers passing on information. Educators will be inspired to thinking differently about their role and influence.

The Message: You are nurturing and raising the next ummah. Your job, influence, impact extends beyond the classroom. 


7 Strategies to Adopt an Islamically Responsive Pedagogy

Based on my Master’s research project, this workshop goes over 7 highly effective pedagogical practices to make you a more Islamically responsive educator. For background information and insight into the topic, along with my findings, please download the monograph I’ve shared on my About page.

Homeschooling for Transformative Experiences

Participants will learn about:

  • How to raise our children to be critical thinkers and agents of social change by creating meaningful learning experiences through curriculum.
  • Islamic pedagogy – fostering an Islamic worldview
  • Critical pedagogy – making sure your teaching is anti-bias, anti-racist, and promotes social justice,
  • Critical thinking – writing from different perspectives
  • Curriculum of life – connecting learning to the lived realities of the child and adapting to the experiences and social issues affecting him/her and their community (i.e. living the curriculum).



BeYOUtiful – Appreciating your unique blessings as a teenager

An interactive personal development workshop for teenage Muslim girls, to discover and appreciate their uniqueness and how to use it to strive for excellence as Muslims.


  • To recognize and appreciate your uniqueness and strengths
  • To recognize the harmful stories we tell ourselves and how they affect us
  • How to take control of our self-image to lead happy and successful lives