A good writing piece has a direction. There is a purpose – the reason why you are writing, and there is an audience – who you are writing.

What is Purpose?

The intention or reason behind your writing is the purpose. We write for many different reasons. Here are some examples;

  • to inform
  • to describe
  • to narrate
  • to persuade
  • to entertain
  • to advise
  • to instruct
  • to explain

and so on….

The purpose of writing is your intention or goal for the audience. Which brings us to the next point.

What is Audience?

The audience is the person or group you are writing to or for. The audience is the end user of the written piece. The people you are trying to persuade, advise, entertain, inform, narrate or explain to.

They could be:

  • siblings
  • other kids
  • parents
  • teenagers
  • Muslims
  • non-Muslims
  • person of authority (principal, mayor, leader of a country)
  • gamers
  • athletes

and so on.

Why is it important?

Understanding who your audience is is very important because it guides your word choices, voice, and even the examples and arguments you use.

Knowing your audience means you can be more intentional about how you communicate your ideas, and this is a very important skill for Muslims.

As Muslims we communicate for impact. And if you want to impact someone, you have to speak to them at their level and in a way that resonates with them.

A letter to a friend will not be written the same as a letter to the owner of a company, even if the topic and purpose are the same.

An essay for a Muslim audience will not be the same as a letter for a non-muslim audience, even if both were for dawah.

Sometimes the audience is general, and the writer must know to use language and words that will appeal to the majority and not confuse anyone with unfamiliar jargon.

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