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Resources & Printables

Check this space often for a new resource. I’ll be adding templates, graphic organizers, worksheets, and other learning resources and printables. If you have any questions about a resource or would like guidance on how to use it, just mention the name of the resource and ask your question in the comments section. Inshallah, I’ll try to help you!


Surat Al-Faatiha at a glance – a summary pdf

Quran Journaling Template

Islamic Studies

Diagnostic Test – What do they know? (download Word doc.)

6 Pillars of Emaan -Hadith of Jibreel

6 Pillars of Emaan Series- Belief in Emaan

6 Pillars of Emaan Series- Belief in the Angels

6 Pillars of Emaan Series – Belief in the Books


Arabic Alphabet chart – cut & match


How to Make Lemonade graphic organizer

Recipe Writing template (Making Lemonade)


Oral Communication


Math Unit Problem Template

Data Management (Grade 3-5) – Most Popular Car Brands on the Road


Compare & Contrast Between Two Countries

Personal Development

Wheel of Life (10 yrs+)

DIY Templates

Blank Vocabulary Sheet

Cut & Match blank template (word doc)

Cut & Match blank template (pdf)

True & False hands-on T-chart template (word doc)

Planning, Goals, & Habits

Goal Setting Template 1

Goal Setting Template 2

Your Personal Habit Tracker

Blank Weekly Schedule/Timetable

Homeschool Monthly/Weekly Planning Template

Goal Setting & Tracking Template

Rubrics & Assessment guides

Self-Assessment rubric template “I Can…” (primary)

Workshop/Class activities

Ice breaker questions