Good deed trees are a hit this time of the year. It’s a great way to get children to be intentional about doing more good deeds during this blessed month.

We jazzed it up a bit. In this activity children will make a date palm tree because of the similarities between a believer and the date palm tree. The hadeeth is included in this download. Print it out and stick on to the tree!

Also included are a list of simple and practical good deeds for children. We’ve left some spaces for the child to choose their own good deeds to do.

They’ll love practicing these good deeds and then pinning them on their date palm tree. My daughter sure did!

Download your good deeds resources here.

This was an activity station during a welcoming Ramadan workshop I held a couple of years ago. We had 4 stations, and at each station students worked on a project that they could take home and use throughout the entire month.

  1. Build Your Own Calendar
  2. Design a Mushaf cover
  3. Create a Good Deed Date Palm Tree
  4. Create a Gratitude Jar

Comment below when you finish, and tag us on instagram to show us your little one’s work! @makkahcentriceducation