What better way to attract your children to the Quran than having them design their own personal copy.

In this workshop children make and decorate a covering for their personal copy of the Quran. They will also learn about and appreciate the great rewards for reciting Quran during the blessed in Ramadan.

You’ll find a detailed lesson plan for a fun workshop to do with children of any age. The lesson plan includes discussion points and relevant ahaadith and Quranic verses about the virtue of reading the Quran.

Ramadan is the month of the Quran, so what better way to connect children to the Quran, than to get them their own personalized copy, which they can then decorate in their own creative way.

The kids who took part in my workshop were so excited to have their own copy, mashaAllah. And even more thrilled, that they got to decorate the cover. My daughter still uses her copy today.

Download the lesson plan here.

This was an activity station during a welcoming Ramadan workshop I held a couple of years ago. We had 4 stations, and at each station students worked on a project that they could take home and use throughout the entire month.

  1. Build Your Own Calendar
  2. Design a Mushaf Cover
  3. Create a Good Deed Date Palm Tree
  4. Create a Gratitude Jar

Lesson plans and resources for all these activities can be found on my blog. Just click any of the links above.

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