Last Ramadan, I recorded a podcast episode for Islamic school teachers to help them organize a productive Ramadan for their students. I covered 10 teaching ideas you can easily implement this blessed month. And you won’t have to stray away from your pre-planned curriculum schedule.

You can listen to episode #9 of the MakkahCentric Education podcast for a more detailed discussion on the teaching strategy and pedagogical objective behind each activity.

In this blog post, I’m sharing the same ideas but slightly adapted for home and virtual use. At the time of writing this post, we’re all self-isolating because of the coronavirus pandemic. That means we can’t do any group learning activities. Well, you can virtually. 

The good news is, all these teaching ideas can easily be used in your homeschool or e-learning classes. 

And the better news is, that all these teaching ideas can be adapted for anytime of the year. That’s because they focus on spirituality, character building, and both social and academic skills.

I recorded the video below to explain how.

The goal of learning should never be just to acquire certain knowledge. It should be to transform and gain transferable skills that can be used across multiple areas. That’s what I aim for with these resources!

Download them below:
And watch the video I recorded for you to get the most of each resource.