Ramadan Journal


Help the kids prepare for Ramadan with this journal; featuring pages to help introduce important Ramadan topics before the month begins, as well as the daily pages to track progress and reach their goals.

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Grade: All grades


As parents and educators, we love getting ready for this special month; we love teaching children to get excited in anticipation of its arrival, and we love encouraging them towards good.
Pre-Ramadan pages


The first part of the journal consists of a 14 page pre-Ramadan introduction to the month; exploring some of the important elements to help your children or students get ready.

The fun doodle style pages can be coloured (with a little writing or drawing), covering a brief look at the following topics:

• Ramadan (Surah Baqarah 2:183)
• Why did Allah create me?
• The 5 Pillars of Islam
• What is Ramadan?
• Our special meal (sahoor)
• What the fasting person is encouraged to do, and abstain from
• The Night Prayer
• Laylat-ul-Qadr
• Zakat-ul-Fitr
• E’id-ul-Fitr

As well as activities including:

  • Good deeds brainstorming
  • Ramadan goals
  • Getting my Ramadan goals inshaAllah

Ramadan Journal Daily Log

The second section is the daily log to be used throughout the month of Ramadan consisting of two pages to complete each day:

• Progress tracker page for each day (x30)
• (Ramadan related) Hadith of the Day for the whole month (x30)


The daily log provides a tracking tool where children can record each of the daily prayers completed, set a goal for the day, colour their attempts of fasting (whether a full fast or part fast) and record a good deed they did.
It also helps to encourage daily reflection of the Qur’an, asking them to choose an ayah to copy each day.

The purpose of this page is to help motivate our children to make efforts in seeking good for themselves inshaAllah; to help them pay greater attention to their actions and see the progress they are making.


What will I receive?

The Ramadan Journal is an 80 page (A4 size) PDF, with a choice of 13 cover designs. You will receive all 13 cover options so every child can pick their favourite.
The Journal has been designed to allow borderless printing to give a professional looking finish inshaAllah.
This means when you select the “print borderless” option in your printer settings, you won’t be left with a white edge around each page (my camera and photography skills are not awesome….the journal pages are designed with a square paper background….if you squint real hard you might just see them on the photos!).
Terms of Use
  1. Purchase of the Ramadan Journal is for one customer only for use with your own children or classroom. You can print as many copies of the journal as you need for your own children or classroom, and can reprint year after year. (separate teachers with separate students will require one journal purchase each for your own classroom use please).
  2. It is not permissible to share, resell or distribute the Journal whether in digital or printed form.
  3. It is not permissible to buy one file and share the cost as a group.


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