Ramadan Calendar Activity


Ramadan calendar Activity lesson plan. Fun hands on workshop to teach students all important dates, events, and rituals related to the month of Ramadan such as moon phases, last 10 nights, laylatul Qadr, zakatul fitr, and Eidul fitr.

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Ramadan Calendar Activity

This activity #1 in a series of workshops to get children ready for Ramadan. In this lesson, students build and decorate their very own Ramadan calendar activity (printable included) while learning about all the major themes related to Ramadan.

It can be done with a group of any size.

Included in this file is a detailed lesson plan, blank calendar printable, colorful images to decorate and plot events on the calendar.

Students will get to plot the phases of the moon. They will color in the last 10 nights to specify their virtue. They will learn about laylatul Qadr and the possibility of it falling on an odd night. They will also learn about zakatul fitr and the time for its distribution, as well as details about Eidul Fitr. All events will be documented on the calendar using the included sticker pack (you pay to print on sticker paper or have students cut and paste)

This Ramadan Calendar building activity can be adapted for any age group from 4 years and up. There are tons of opportunities for further extensions and curriculum connections.

Some curriculum connection topics include: odd numbers, division when plotting moon phases, writing goals or self-assessment letter at mid-month, staple foods when learning about zakatul fitr, etc.

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I’ve added multiple images on the pages to help save paper when making copies for students. Some pre-preparation may be required. I pre-cut all the images and put them in pouches for each child.




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