Juz 1 Banners


Juz 1 Banners
Surahs Al -Fatihah (the opening) to Al baqarah (the cow)

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This set consists of the complete juz one. English translation.

Juz 1

Surahs Al -Fatihah (the opening) to Al baqarah (the cow)

  • Al Fatihah is a supplication to God for guidance taught by God.
  • Al Baqarah explains the purpose of The Quran. It gives examples of hypocrisy, Talks about the creation of Adam (alayi salam), advising others (but forgetting to advise yourself, being patient, the oneness of God, and taking accountability.

These banners are a great way to teach Quran studies!

In shaa Allah , these work well in madrassa, Islamic classrooms, and homeschools!


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