Gratitude Jar lesson plan for self-development


This gratitude jar is a great way to get children into the habit of being grateful and give Thanks to Allah.

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Resource Type: Activities/Games
Grade: 1-2, 3-5, 6-8


Allah subhaanahu wa taa’ala created us to worship Him and to give thanks! Giving thanks and showing gratitude is a very significant act of worship, and Allaah is pleased with us so long as we are being grateful to Him for all our blessings.
Instill the habit of gratitude in your child or students so that it can become a regular part of their character. This activity can be done anytime of the year to get young Muslims into the habit of giving shukr (thanks) to Allah on a daily basis.
In this activity, the children will create their own gratitude jar. And each day they will write down one thing they are grateful for and place it in their jar. The idea is to get them thinking about all the little things they take for granted.
Start the lesson off with all the benefits and virtues of gratitude, and then students can start decorating their jars.
Possible substitutes for jars: box, notebook, plastic container, tin, yogurt tub, ziplock bag etc.
Lesson Ideas
– Everyday students share one thing they are grateful for at the start of the class or during community circle time.
– Do a research project to investigate the personal health and spiritual benefits of practicing gratitude.
– Conduct a lesson on authentic and unauthentic sources on the net, and in Islamic literture, and have students find relevant verses, hadiths, and statements of past scholars on the topic of gratitude (suitable to age/grade group).
This was one activity station during a Welcoming Ramadan workshop I held last year. We had 4 stations, and at each station students worked on a project that they could use throughout the entire month.
Station 1: Build your own Calendar
Station 2: Design a Mushaf cover
Station 3: Create a Good Deed Date Palm Tree
Station 4: Create a Gratitude Jar
Lessons for all these activities can be found in my products tab or store. Enjoy, follow us on instagram or Facebook and tag us in your work! I would love to see how it turns out for you and your kids!


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