Arabic flash cards colourful alphabet numbers shapes and colours


Flash cards in Arabic language set colourful with alphabet, numbers, shapes and colours.


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Assalamu’walaykum warahmatulah wabaraqatuh,

This is a pdf/instant digital download with 22 pages that includes:

– 28 letters of Arabic alphabet;

– 20 numbers of Arabic language including number zero;

– 11 Basic colours (green,yellow,blue,red,purple,pink,brown,black,white,orange and grey);

– 11 Basic shapes;

An engaging and colourful set that can be used for recognition and correct pronunciation of the letters, numbers,shapes and colours in Arabic language.

This combo pack is ideal for new learners of Arabic or to be used in classroom or homeschool or any other educational environment.

Can be print as many times as you like. Can be add a study ring.

For better results print it on card stock and laminate each sheet and cut them into flashcards in your home.


– Files cannot be edited, they are secured. (pdf format)

– For personal use only and may not be shared, altered or resold in any form.

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