MakkahCentric Education is a movement towards Islamic Pedagogy

MakkahCentric Education is the first marketplace for Muslim teachers to buy and sell Islamically integrated teaching resources that inspire Muslim children worldwide.

We’ve created this platform for the passionate Muslim teacher looking for Islamic teaching resources that effectively integrate Islam into any school subject. MCE is a communal platform for spiritually conscience educators to buy and sell teaching materials that promote and nurture an Islamic identity and worldview in the Muslim child! Create a free account and be part of this growing community of passionate teachers who are transforming their classrooms!

Join Muslim Educators’ Global Community

As an ummah, we want to collaborate our efforts. Makkah Centric Education seeks to provide a one-stop shop for Muslim educators, anywhere in the world, to buy and sell educational resources for immediate use.

If you’re a teacher or homeschooler, or even a student, and would like to share your Islamic teaching materials, lesson plans, Islamic studies worksheets, posters, teaching charts, Quranic/hadeeth references etc. with other Muslim educators to use with their Muslim students, this is the place for you.

Islamic teaching materials

Our Vision

That Islamic pedagogy becomes the standard teaching practice in every Islamic classroom

where Muslim children learn.

How Does it Work?

The Seller

Sr. Amina has been working very hard on her Sultans of Science unit for her grade 5 students. She is so proud to have a cross-curricular unit that integrates language, social studies, and science while highlighting Islamic history.  The unit was a great success with her students. Now, Amina wants to share her Islamic teaching materials with other Muslim teachers, and make some extra money for the hard work. She comes to

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Step2. Create a product
Step3. Sell!

The Buyer

Sr. Zainab teaches grade 5 students at an Islamic school and eagerly needs ideas for a biography unit she is teaching. Although she has curriculum resources, they are not relevant to her Muslim students. She wants a lesson that will inspire and evolve her students spiritually and academically. She comes to

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Amina helped another teacher, inspired students indirectly, and made some money. Zainab’s students had a trans-formative learning experience and she didn’t have to do much preparation thanks to Zainab. And we, at MCE, are happy we connected them.


What is a makkah-centric education?

Makkahcentric education is essentially Islamic- or Muslim centered knowledge. That is, learning about the world through Islamic perspectives derived from the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammed, salallahu ‘alayhi wa salam. It is a faith-based approach to learning that centers and empowers Muslim children in their education. Makkah-centric education is not limited to Islamic teaching materials and studies but encompasses all sciences, worldly and Shari’. When we refer to Islamic education, we mean all forms of education that are rooted in Islam or has Islam at its foundation.

It is Culturally Responsive

Research affirms that children learn best when the curriculum, pedagogy, and school culture reflect their identity and culture. Knowledge delivered through a cultural framework representative of the child not only empowers and builds self-esteem, but promotes academic and social success.

It is Anti-colonial

Current school curricula adopted in many parts of the world, and even in Islamic schools, are largely Eurocentric; centring knowledge of the world in western culture, history, and epistemology. Although, Islamic, Quranic, and Arabic studies ares part of the Islamic school schedule, rarely do you find math, science, language, and social sciences integrated with Islamic culture and pedagogy. Makkah-Centric education recognizes that the success of the Muslim child, and ummah as a whole, will come through the reconnection between the Muslim learner and his/her Islamic identity.

It is a Revival of Islamic Civilization

The golden age of Islamic civilization and its contributions to the world and humanity is evidence for the need and potential of Makkah-Centric education.

How does MCE make money?

Our business model is based on shared success. We make money when MCE sellers make money. Right now we are offering 4 months of free listing, which means you can test out our market risk-free. We only get paid a percentage when you make a sale. Learn more and become a seller today.

Why aren’t the Islamic teaching materials free?

Although teachers can offer free resources, having priced items:

  • encourages teachers to create material
  • promotes quality and creativity
  • Offers a halal and rewardful income for teachers
  • allows MCE to provide more products/services to realize our vision

How can I be a part of the MCE community?

To join the global movement towards Islamic pedagogy create a free account at our homepage and join our email list.

Our Story

Assalaamu ‘alaykum, I’m Zahra Osman, the found of MakkahCentric Education and host of the MakkahCentric Education Podcast. As an elementary Islamic school teacher, I found it frustrating when I couldn’t find lesson plans that Islamized the topics I was teaching. Whatever I managed to find was either too advanced for my students or didn’t meet my academic standards. I know many Muslim teachers share my frustration! And, I also know that there are many great Muslims teachers out there Islamizing their lessons on a daily basis. But how do we bring the content creators and users together in one place? That’s when I came up with the MakkahCentric Education marketplace! A platform for teachers like myself to buy Islamized teaching resources from other Muslim educators. With the permission of Allah, MakkahCentric Education will solve our pedagogical needs so that every teacher can provide an enriched learning journey to all Muslim children!