Is planning stressing you out? So many things to teach but you don’t know how to organize and spread them out over the year? No worries, I’m here to simplify the process for you.

I actually love planning. I think it’s my favourite part about teaching. My next favourite part is the actually teaching – delivering what I planned.

Planning gets me so excited about the possibilities. It’s almost as if I am witnessing the transformation in my students as I plan, even before teaching the content.

I am a strong believer in planning. I think when it comes to anything valuable in life, you must have a vision of what you want to achieve. And to make that vision a reality you have to plan for it!

But how do you do it? Where do you start? Is there a process?

In this week’s video, I’m going to simplify the planning process for you so that you can finally chalk out your entire year and feel confident knowing what you’ll be teaching next.

You’ll learn the following:

  • What is a long term and short term plan
  • Why you should have a long term and short term plan
  • Simple 4 step process to writing up your long term plan
  • 4 decisions to make when making a short term plan
  • How to integrate Islam into your topics and planning

If you have any follow up questions, go ahead and ask in the comments section and I’ll try to offer more help inshallah.

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The goal is to help you be more intentional and effective in your teaching and lesson planning, inshallah.

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