By now, you are all aware of the unrest taking place in the United States over the killing of Mr. George Floyd, an African American man, at the hands of the police. 

It is a story far too common. Protests in solidarity with Black Americans have now spread globally, and alhamdulillah, people are finally starting to believe that black lives matter too! Allahul musta’aan. 

After 400+ years of dehumanization and oppression, people are beginning to understand the intentional and systemic crimes committed against black people, specifically in America.

In the following video, I want to talk to you about this important topic, and offer you some tips and resources to help you become a better Muslim educator, bi-ithnillah. 

I want to speak specifically about anti-black racism and how you can address it as an educator of young children. At another time I’ll speak more about anti-racist pedagogy in general. But, today, I’m focusing on tackling anti-blackness, because I know many of you are trying to make sense of everything that’s happening surrounding the George Floyd case.

Whether you homeschool or teach other children – if you are responsible for the tarbiya of a child, this video will be helpful to you.


8 Tips towards an anti-racist approach to teaching & how to undo anti-black racism

  1. Learn and then unlearn
  2. Watch the language you use
  3. Expose yourself to black Muslim communities
  4. Seek out black literature and have a diverse set of books with black characters
  5. When studying a subject select topics that represent black societies or personalities
  6. Know black Islamic history
  7. Get into the habit of listening
  8. Learn about different pedagogical approaches & use them in your teaching

Resources mentioned in the video

Your turn

In the comments, I’d love to hear one thing you’ve learned during this current ordeal or from this video, and one thing you’ll start doing differently to be more intentional in your tarbiya as it relates to racial justice.