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Assalaamu 'alaykum, Welcome to MakkahCentric Education

I’m Zahra Osman, mom and educator, (and a bunch of other roles and titles, you’ll learn about as you follow me). I am honoured and feel blessed you stumbled on my blog because I wish I had this resource when I started my journey in education over 12 years ago.

In a nutshell, this blog is dedicated to serving Muslim homeschoolers and educators by giving them the training, resources, and inspiration they need to effectively teach their children all the important academic lessons through an Islamic worldview.

Download My Free Lesson Plan Template and Planning Guide

Get super clear and organized on how you’ll teach your next lesson by using this free lesson plan template. 

You’ll also get a sample lesson plan and a mini- training workshop on how to design an effective Islamically integrated lesson.

My Story

I’m not sure if you’ve always knew you’d be a homeschooler, or teacher, but for me, teaching was never a career choice growing up, until Allaah guided me to work in an Islamic school teaching grade 5 students. Let me tell you, it was not easy! Well, that’s because, I must admit, I was untrained, inexperienced, and unqualified. So of course I failed and made mistakes, but you know what? Every term, I came back stronger, more equipped, more creative, and far more prepared. That’s because Allaah showed me that I had a gift.

It turned out that teaching was actually my talent and passion. The greatest blessing in this self-discovery was the blessing of teaching Muslim learners. Ever since, I’ve taken my calling to another level, and I am forever grateful that Allah has gifted me with an opportunity to serve Islam and the Muslim ummah through MakkahCentric Education.

Some people choose teaching, and some people are called to it. I accepted the call!

Well since then, I’ve taught grades 5-8 core curriculum subjects, Adult level ESl, conducted various workshops for teachers and homeschoolers, completed a Masters in Education (Curriculum & Pedagogy), and founded MakkahCentric Education. And I’m still not done!!

I have a vision to make Islamic pedagogy the standard and default learning practice where ever Muslim children learn. That’s a life long mission that can’t be accomplished by one person alone!

If you believe in this mission, then have a look around, and see how you can contribute to this site or cause bi-ithnillah. A unified ummah with a cause is better than scattered high achievers!

This Site and You

There are some topics and subjects I love when it comes to teaching, and there are some that Allaah has made easy for me teach. Over the years, I’ve realized that teaching doesn’t come naturally to everyone, and what I think is so easy to teach and break down for students actually gives some educators (teachers and homeschoolers alike) anxiety! So, I felt and feel a need to pay sadaqah (charity) on my knowledge, skills & strategies, and the resources I’ve been creating over the years. I can help you gain a better understanding of the curriculum and teach it, bi-ithnillah. I’m here for that!

What the Research Says

Download this action-based monograph that summarizes my research supporting the necessity of Islamic schools and Muslim educators adopting Islamic pedagogy as a culturally responsive solution to our educational problems. I also outline the qualities and mindsets of an Islamically responsive educator. After my research, I created this monograph for Islamic schools as a guide but it can also be used by homeschoolers to shape their educational philosophy. Feel free to download, print, and post it up in your learning spaces! It is 12 pages including a bibliography.

Tell Me About You

I’d love to get to know you a bit. In the comments section answer any one of these questions:

a. How did you get into teaching/homeschooling?

b. What is one area of teaching you struggle with and one area that you love?

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  • I haven’t started yet but looking into doing homeschooling with my 2 year old when he’s ready inshallah. I have 3 other children who attend school but I feel like I would like to try Homeschooling this time round.

    • Assalaamu ‘alaykum Farah,

      Mashallah, I bet you’ll do a great job. At this age they’re just playing and there are so many resources out their for teaching toddlers/preschoolers. Try not to get overwhelmed, but it helps to collect ideas as well!

      Thanks for being here sis!

  • Dear Zahra
    Assalmo alay kum w w .

    I have been teaching since last 28 years , I have taught children from kindergarten to class 9 and adults also have tried my best to customise Islamic integration.i am a teacher trainer and love to motivate sisters to lead a Allah conscious life
    My vision is very similar to yours Zahra
    I am currently working on Islamic curriculum for a school and also integrated Islamic curriculum in the existing syllabus , to give the child a wholistic understanding of knowledge that they get from schools
    Currently however good the curriculum maybe but the syllabuses that is available is based on secular ideologies, A Muslim country where Islam is the religion we face dire challenges as to what is being poured into the innocent brains to create an atheist or pushing them covertly to accept the god less ideology
    May Allah swt help us make us see the path of Sirat
    I found your website to be pretty useful we can share ideas and would be obliged if you come in to communication with me
    May Allah swt bless you and may he be the support and Haadee Ameen

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