So you’re homeschooling this year. Congratulations!

Whether this will be your first time, or you’ve been doing it for years, I want to help you get in the right mindset so that you can have an amazing academic year with your kids.

This time of the year, most educators are searching for and asking questions about curriculum and what or how to teach. But they forget to do the important work – prepare themselves mentally for the task ahead.

How you show up mentally, and how you think of yourself and your abilities, will have a greater impact on your homeschool successes more than anything else.

How’s that?

I’m glad you asked. It’s because whatever you train your mind to focus on is what becomes reality. 

If you train your mind to be positive, you will always find solutions to any challenges and you’ll make the most of any situation regardless of time or resources.

If you train your mind to be negative, then even when simple solutions are smack in your face,  you’ll avoid them because you’ve wired your brain to reinforce the negativity.

Allah subhaanahu wa ta’ala says in a Qudsi hadith: “I am as my servant expects me” (Sahih Bukhari/Muslim)

And in another narration, Allah said, “If he thinks good of me, he will have it. If he thinks evil of me, he will have it” (Sahih ibn Hibban).

If you believe that Allah subhannallah wa ta’ala will make you successful as a homeschooler, then Allah will make you successful.

And the opposite is also true.

If you believe that you will fail, or that you will mess up your children’s education, then be careful, because Allah may decree that for you.

“I am as my servant expects me”.

This is why getting into the right frame of mind is the very first work you need to do before anything else. When you have the right mindset, and you are clear about what you want, then everything else will become far more manageable. 

In today’s post, I am going to go over 5 steps to help you prepare mentally for a blessed homeschool year!

Below is a summary, but you’ll definitely want to watch the video because I go into more detail and offer tips and examples for each point.

5 steps to mentally prepare for homeschooling

  1. Own Your Decision – Accepting that you have made this choice gives you control and empowers you.
  2. Set intentions that motivate you – Revisit your intentions and formulate a new intention that is for Allaah. Homeschooling is tarbiyah. With the right intention, it can be a rewarding act of ibaadah that makes all your efforts worthwhile. You may also have other reasons for homeschooling. Write down your main purpose and use it as your motivator.
  3. Envision what you want your homeschool to be – If you don’t know what you want, how can you work towards it? Get a pen and paper and jot down all the words that describe what you want your homeschool to look, smell, sound, and feel like. Get your children’s input as well and together come up with a description for your ideal homeschool.
  4. Who do you have to become to achieve your goals? What new attitudes or habits do you have to adopt to get closer to your ideal homeschool. Do you need to be more energized, consistent, organized, flexible, easy-going, strict, etc.? 
  5. Decide on your non-negotiables – Comparing how things went last year, or what you hope to achieve this year, decide on those things that are non-negotiable. These are things that you will put your foot down and commit to or avoid.

Watch the video for more discussion and examples for each step. My goal is to inject you with all the confidence and motivation you need to help you start the year off excited and ready!

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On Sunday, we’ll be starting a challenge to implement all 5 steps over 5 days in the group. 

If you’re ready to do the mind work needed for a successful year, join us and let me support you!