There are 4 types of writing. They are:

1. Expository Writing

Purpose: to inform, explain, or instruct Examples: reports, recipes, directions etc.

2. Descriptive Writing

Purpose: to describe a person, place or thing, in a way that allows the reader to paint a picture Examples: describing jannah, describe your bedroom, describe a person, a place or thing, describe an event using the 5 senses

3. Persuasive Writing

Purpose: to persuade or convince the reader of an opinion through using facts and reasons to support the opinion Examples: Online learning is better than learning in class. Why you should pray more voluntary prayers. Why you should/shouldn’t own a phone.

4. Narrative Writing

Purpose: To narrate/tell a story Example: Tell a story about a time you were nervous. Write a prophetic/quranic story from beginning to end.

Most forms of writing that you’ve heard about fall under one of these 4 types.

In the video, I explain what each type is and give you examples for each.

It’s important to know about these different types, because they each have their own unique purpose and style/form.

For example narrative writing involves telling a story. The details will include a series of events told in chronological order. Whereas a persuasive paragraph will not talk about events, but rather give reasons to back up an opinion.

So they are two completely different styles of writing, and the students should be taught how to write each type.

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