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The Curriculum and Your Islamic Tarbiyah Do Not Have to Clash!

Integrating Islam and core skills is easy and should be our standard practice! I’ll show you how!

Assalaamu ‘alaykum, I’m Zahra. On this site, I offer Muslim homeschoolers & teachers resources and teaching strategies that help them teach with an Islamic vision!!

Download My Free Lesson Plan Template and Planning Guide

Get super clear and organized on how you’ll teach your next lesson by using this free lesson plan template. 

You’ll also get a sample lesson plan and a mini- training workshop on how to design an effective Islamically integrated lesson.

How to Make a Long Term & Short Term Plan

If you’re stuck on planning for the year, this video will help break down how to make a long term and short term plan.

3 Islamic Objectives for Teaching Any Topic

If you teach Muslims students, do not teach another lesson without these 3 character building objectives.

5 Steps to Mentally Prepare for a Productive Homeschool Year

Before you plan out your teaching year, do these 5 things to mentally prepare for an Islamically inspired homesch.

Belief in the Books – Lesson Plan & Resources

Today, I’m sharing with you all the resources I created for teaching belief in the books, with explanations on the how’s and why’s of each activity.

The Importance of Spirituality & Tips on Developing It.

What are you doing to increase your emaan on a regular basis? Watch the replay of this workshop and download the free guide.

4 Questions you should ask before you plan your next lesson

If you’re all over the place when it comes to lesson planning, these 4 questions will help you stay organized and plan right.

Black Lives Matter, Anti-Racism, & Muslim Education

Islamophobia & anti-blackness have similar root causes. Learn how to take an anti-racist approach to your teaching & tarbiya. + resources

Belief in Angels – Lesson Plan & Resources

In this post, I share all the details and resources for my lesson on the 2nd pillar of emaan – Belief in Angels, so you can teach it too.

9 Ramadan Teaching Resources that can be adapted for any time of the year

9 Ramadan resources & teaching strategies that are engaging yet powerful. Graphic organizers, writing/speaking prompts, and posters for free download.

Ramadan Workshop Series: Make a Gratitude Jar

A gratitude jar is a great way to get children into the habit of being grateful and constantly giving thanks to Allah, Azza wa jal. Allah subhaanahu wa taa’ala created us to worship Him and to give thanks! Giving thanks and showing gratitude is a very significant act of worship, and Allaah is pleased with […]